What We Provide


Any skin care routine feels incomplete without a facial! Facials wipe out tiredness, dust and signs of skin neglect from your face. At Payal Beauty Parlour, facials are done by cosmetologists who are trained and experienced. It is because of the finesse in their craft that customers happily recommend the Payal Beauty Parlour facial experience to others! You will not know what you are missing out in facials unless you drop by at the Be Stylish salon. Try our facial experience and feel the difference. With personalized and individualistic approach for every customer, our facials bring back the glow to your face and personality.

The unique facial treatment that Payal Beauty Parlour offers is a game-changer in an industry that mostly works on one-size-fits-all. Our experts take the time and care to analyze your skin type before recommending what kind of facial treatment suits you best. There are different kinds of skin types, as you know, and the approach of the Payal Beauty Parlour cosmetologist depends upon yours. In general terms, dry skin requires hydration while oily skin does best with purifying or cleaning process. For those with sensitive skin, our facial experts go very gentle so as not to cause rashes or any other side effect.

The Payal Beauty Parlour facial is the antidote to all kinds of skin problems that have cropped up on your face. Our cosmetologist is able to handle premature skin aging or sun damage with expertise. A facial experience with our team at our salon will bring back the lost sheen and luster of your skin. Our experts can be relied upon to get you the right skin tone or revive skin vitality. To bring this glowing magic back on your face, Payal Beauty Parlour facial experts make use of dependable skin and facial products. You can trust our team to use only the best facial products on your skin. You can take a thorough look at the products before nodding your approval.

The microdermabrasion facial is a key feature of the Payal Beauty Parlour facial experience. This is ideal for people who have fine lines or wrinkles on their face. The microdermabrasion facial will even out your skin texture and tone. With this facial, the dead skin cells on your face are carefully removed and then a soothing face pack is applied. This pack has qualities to make the skin feel cool and rejuvenated. Customers with severe skin problems on the face have derived benefits from our microdermabrasion facial experience. You are bound to look younger and healthier with this facial treatment at the Payal Beauty Parlour.

We also have the bright eye calming facial that takes care of under-eye dark circles and reduce under-eye bags and skin puffiness around the eyes. With the use of special serums and massage, our cosmetologists smoothen out the creases and marks caused by tiredness or long working hours. Sometimes we also use a collagen mask for this purpose. You will get all of these and more at the facial treatment zone of Payal Beauty Parlour!